The Kills - Electric Lady Sessions

We were recently asked to film an intimate live recording with The Kills for their 15th Anniversary.  We traveled from L ong Beach to the great Electric Lady Studios in New York for the three camera / three person crew (Vern Moen, Steve Ryan, Martín Vielma) setup.  Many of the mirrored images you see in the final product we're capture d in-camera by shooting through planes of glass we "borrowed" from picture frames in the studiio.  We edited the performance into three individual songs and they recently premiered on the good ol internet.   Hope you enjoy them.

The Cannonball Ride - TRAILER

One year ago, Vern Moen and Miah Idema saddled up into a silver minivan and drove cross country to tell the story of a band of misfiits who attempt to compete in the longest and hardest bicycle race in the world - The Race Across America.


Many, including our own familiies, aren't clear what our job description is.  Here it is from that week in June one year ago:  Drive a Dodge Caravan across America at 20mph for 6 days.  Sleep in tha t same caravan for about 4 hours per day.  Fly a remote control alien spaceship that takes videos.  Predi ct the future.  Don't shower.  Get lost.  Eat corn nuts.  Drink Red Bull.  Reformat cards.  Crash alien spaceship.  And film real people kiicking ass.  Hope that clear s it up.

The film is now being submitted to film festivals and we'll keep you posted on it's premiere.  If you'd like more info, here's the website for the film: The Cannonball Ride

Anat omy of a Song - Alanis Morissette (for Spotify)

Here's a new video we produced for Spotify featuring the one and only Alanis Morissette.  You might rec ognize her from some hits like all of the 90's.  She's ce lebrating  the 20th annniversary of Jagged LIttle Pill and we got to talk to her about all dat.  Directed / Produced by Vern MOen.  Cam Op by Martin Vielma.  Sound by Dave Ross

New thiings

we've had the same site for a long tiime and decided, while very cool, it didn't communicate enough of  this whole "professional" thing that people keep talking about.  so here you go.